Audience Intelligence.
Cannabis Advertising.

Who we are.

Digital Marketers.

Grown from Chameleon Digital Media Agency, CannaAds specializes in mobile intelligence – creating custom audiences for LP’s, dispensaries, brands, industry related tertiary suppliers and agencies.

Premium Providers.

The pièce de ré·sis·tance is our unique mobile polygon technology. The evolution of geo-targeting we are able to get you closer.

Our 10.2MM age gated cannabis audience is gathered from their self identification and real life movements as they go into the 2,200 dispensaries across the country.

Data Strategists.

Our precision data intelligence creates and segments audiences based on multiple signals.

Using millions of data points to better understand, predict and influence your customer journey and path to purchase.

What we know.


There have been changes in product usage and demographic profiles have accelerated as more consumers enter the category.
2.0 products have found their place in the market and 3.0 products are being introduced.


The dispensary market has exploded with thousands of locations open nationwide. It still remains to be the number 1 point of purchase with 78% of cannabis consumers buying in-store.


After legalization, social acceptance increased to 67% of Canadians approving consumption as a benefit. Approximately 1MM new consumers entered the market.

Why CannaAds.

Cannabis marketing is complex.

Campaigns can be difficult to age gate, measure and even more difficult to design. Having to mitigate risk factors while the industry matures, it is critical to avoid advertising your brand(s) to the wrong audience.

We simplify.

We build smarter, age gated, more targeted, and ultimately more effective campaigns to engage your customers and grow your sales.

By tracking your customers' path to purchase along with online and app behaviours, you can group them into audience personas that allow you to understand who they are, what they purchase and overall value to your business.

How we do it.

Taking your brand to market.

Distinguish your brand from your competitors. We provide online media strategy and buying to reach our 10.2MM age-gated 19+ cannabis consumers and intenders across Canada. Online channels: Search, social, open web, in-app, digital audio, digital OOH & connected TV.

Using location as the base of our intelligence and utilizing our partnership with Adapt Media, we can enhance your brand presence both in store and out. In a nutshell, CannaAds will reach your audience where they are. We are experts in driving in-store dispensary purchases by utilizing path to purchase location data, human behaviour and interests.

Our data is the buzz.

Get in touch.

Establish brand goals. Find the right audience. Grow your sales. Our proposal process is easy! Contact us, we will work with you to define campaign goals, strategy and target audiences.

Rodney Perry | Chief Digital Officer